Save, E. and Moghaddam, M. (1996). Effects of lesions of the associative parietal cortex in the acquisition and use of spatial memory in egocentric and allocentric navigation tasks in the rat. Behavioral Neuroscience, 110, 74-85.

It has been hypothesized the the rat associative parietal cortex (APC) is involved in the association between visuospatial and locomotion-generated (kinesthetic) information. To study the kinesthetic component. APC-lesioned and control rats were trained in total darkness to reach a submerged platform in the Morris water maze. In the egocentric task, the relative position of the starting point and the platform was constant all over training. Parietal rats have been found impaired in acquisition and to a less extent in retention of this task. In the allocentric task, rats were then trained in the standard version of the navigation task. A mild deficit was observed in acquisition of this task because the APC-lesioned rats displayed longer escape latencies but control-like search patterns. These results suggest that the APC is invorlved in the coding of kinesthetic information that plays an important role in place navigation.