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Séminaire LNC : C. Papaxanthis

Lundi 28 mars à 13.30 heures

Salle de Conférence du Pôle 3C

Centre St Charles

Mental actions and internal predictive models

Pr. Charalambos Papaxanthis

Université de Bourgogne, INSERM U887, Motricité et plasticité, Dijon

Résumé : Motor imagery is a mental process during which a subject internally simulates a movement without any corresponding motor output. Psychophysical experiments have shown that imagined and executed movements have the same spatiotemporal characteristics and obey the same motor rules and biomechanical constraints. Furthermore, neurophysiological studies have reported that mentally-simulated and physically-executed movements trigger similar motor representations and share overlapping neural substrates. In a first experiment, we investigated how muscle fatigue could affect the content of mental actions. In a second experiment, we examined how humans can learn movements through mental training despite the lack of sensory feedback from the body and the environment.