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Séminaire LNC : Ross Cunnington

Ross Cunnington Queensland Brain Insitute, University of Queensland, Brisbane

Titre : Brain processes underlying the planning and perception of actions.

Résumé : Our voluntary movements are always planned and pre-programmed in the brain immediately prior to initiation. Such movement planning or readiness activity can begin up to 1.5 seconds prior to voluntary movement - known as the Bereitschaftspotential when measured with EEG, or seen as activation in the supplementary motor area of the brain with functional MRI. Although it is now nearly 50 years since this premovement planning activity - or Bereitschaftspotential - was first discovered, we still understand very little about what cognitive processes are reflected in this very early premovement activity. In this talk, I will show how the early stages of movement planning seem to be related to timing aspects of actions, how these plans for action can feedback to influence visual processes for the perception of observed actions, and how we can investigate the cortical and basal ganglia motor circuits involved in these planning processes using high-field (7 Tesla) functional MRI.