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Séminaire LNC : Céline Amiez

Céline Amiez, Institut Cellules Souches et Cerveau, Bron

Action and feedback processing in the human anterior cingulate cortex

One of the most confusing aspects of the human frontal cortex concerns the anatomo-functional organization of the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC). Neuroimaging studies have assigned multiple functions, including feedback processing during trial and error learning, action execution, emotion, memory, and pain to the same or to overlapping ACC regions. A major confounding or uncontrolled factor in these studies may be the considerable inter-subject morphological variability in this region, especially because the rule is to use averaging procedures with large populations. Indeed, the cingulate sulcus can be continuous or divided into segments. In addition, a supplementary sulcus referred to as the paracingulate sulcus is observed in more than 75% of subjects in at least one of the cerebral hemispheres. I will present our recent fMRI results in human showing that the disambiguation of the confusing pattern observed in the ACC can be considerably helped out by assessing how local morphology at the individual level impacts onto the functional activation. I will then present and discuss critical data concerning the mode of functioning of the ACC that emerged from such precise structure-function relationships results.