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Simone Dalla Bella

Title : Rhythmical stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease : Benefits and neuronal underpinnings

There is a tight link between the rhythm of auditory stimuli, such as music, and movement. This can be seen when we spontaneously or deliberately move on the beat of music (e.g., in dance), or when we particularly enjoy performing sport activities (e.g., running or cycling) together with music. The propensity to match movements to rhythm is natural, develops very precociously, and is likely to be hard-wired in humans. The compelling link between auditory rhythm and movement is a powerful tool for rehabilitation of motor disorders. In this talk, I will focus in particular on using rhythm and sensorimotor coupling (i.e., via auditory cueing techniques) for gait rehabilitation in Parkinson’s Disease (PD). The benefits of immediate and longer-term rhythmical stimulation on gait features in PD, well-documented in the literature, will be reviewed. In addition, recent evidence regarding sensorimotor coupling abilities, as a basis for successful movement rehabilitation with auditory cueing in PD, will be presented. As will be shown, important individual differences in terms of those abilities are found among PD patients. Such differences are likely to explain the variable degree of effectiveness of auditory cueing among patients. Finally, the underlying mechanisms and neuronal underpinnings will be discussed.