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Pedro Valdès-Sosa

Trends and Challenges of Human Brain Mapping

We give an overview of the three fronts on which Human Brain Mapping (HBM) is rapidly advancing : a) Novel neurotechnologies to achieve unprecedented rates of data acquisition, b)Neuroinformatic technology for the manipulation and analysis of these huge masses of data, c)Large scale and detailed simulations of neural circuits. The projects launched for this purpose have raised hopes of significantly impacting the staggering Global Burden of Disease (GBD) caused by Brain Dysfuntions. Howevered there is also consensus that HBM demands revolutionary advances in three essential areas. One area is the development of neural theory, without which acquisition, analysis, and modeling will lack direction. The second area is effective translational research to create Neurochnologies suited for Universal Health Coverage. The third is setting up Neuroethical standards that will provide suitable safeguards against misuse of the technologies. These current issues will be summarized and discuss with examples from several HBM projects including the Cuban Human Brain Mapping Project.