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François Bonnetblanc

Université de Bourgogne - Université de Montpellier

Some singularities in the processing of sensorimotor errors during visuo-motor skills

Basically, sensorimotor error signals depend on the comparison between “what we intend to do” (i.e. efference copy, feedforward internal model, motor prediction, etc) and “what is really performed” (i.e. actual sensory feedback). At different time scales, this error signal is critical for motor flexibility, adaptation and (re)learning. The aim of this talk is to illustrate that generalisation of this model is somewhat difficult in the field of visuo-motor control, despite its simplicity. We will present three independent studies, which demonstrate some variations of the classical conceptions about these latter processes. We will show that (i) motor flexibility (on-line corrections) during pointing movement can be very rapid (<100 ms) and distributed ; (ii) saccadic adaptation (off-line corrections) can be performed without retinal errors and finally, that (iii) post-lesional recovery following awake surgery of large slow-growing tumors in the parietal cortex can be very fast (< 7 min) despite impressive impairments in the visuo-motor domain.