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Fabien Cignetti (Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives, Marseille)

The development of human proprioceptive brain network

Proprioception is defined as our bodily sense of position and movement in the absence of vision. The importance of this sense for motor control is now unquestioned, contributing to the instantiation of internal models of action and providing reafferent inputs from limb movement and/or position. However, much remains to be discovered with respect to the brain network that subtends proprioceptive processing, especially the way this network sophisticates with age. Using complementary analysis methods of fMRI data, I will describe several developing principles (e.g., over-connectivity followed by pruning, optimized functioning through decreased trial-to-trial variability in brain activity) that govern the development of this large-scale functional network and explain how they may relate to age-related changes in proprioceptive acuity.