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Felipe Pegado (KU Leuven)

How does literacy break the mirror invariance of the visual system ?

Literacy acquisition produces important modifications in the functioning of the visual system, including changes in the mirror invariance property, i.e., the ability to recognize mirror images as a same entity (e.g., a face saw from left or right profiles). Indeed after literacy acquisition mirror invariance is reduced for written stimuli, enabling the visual system to quickly recognize mirror letters (e.g., ‘b’ and ‘d’) as different entities. But how does this process take place ? In this talk I will highlight the putative brain mechanisms underpinning mirror discrimination learning during literacy acquisition : essentially via top-down inputs from phonological, handwriting and articulatory representations containing discriminative information (‘b’ is different from‘d’ at all these levels). This example suggest that literacy acquisition is not simply unimodal visual learning but instead a multisystem learning process where information contained in one or more systems could influence the functioning of another one (i.e., visual system).