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Blouin J, Bresciani J-P, Guillaud E, Simoneau M (2015). Prediction in the vestibular control of arm movements. Multisensory Research : in press

Burle, B., Spieser, L., Roger, C., Casini, L., Hasbroucq, T. & Vidal, F. (2015). Spatial and temporal resolutions of EEG : Is it really black and white ? A scalp current density view. International Journal of Psychophysiology : in press

Dyson, M., Thomas, Eoin, Casini, L. & Burle, B. (2015). Online Extraction and Single Trial Analysis of Regions Contributing to Erroneous Feedback Detection. NeuroImage : in press

Mouchnino L, , Fontan A, Tandonnet C, Perrier J, Saradjian, Blouin J, Simoneau M (2015). Facilitation of cutaneous inputs during the planning phase of gait initiation. Journal of Neurophysiology : in press

Pinet S., Hamamé C.M., Longcamp M., Vidal F., Alario F-X.. (2015). Response planning in word typing : Evidence for inhibition. Psychophysiology : in press

Servant, M., White, C., Montagnini, A., & Burle, B. (2015). Using covert response activation to test latent assumptions of formal decision-making models in humans. Journal of Neuroscience : in press

Spinnato, J., Roubaud, M.C., Burle, B. & Torrésani, B. (2015). Detecting EEG Error Potentials using a Wavelet Domain Linear Mixed Model. Journal of Neural Engineering : in press