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Muriel Panouilleres (University of Oxford)

Sensorimotor adaptation : Cerebellar involvement and long-term adaptation

Our movements are the main way we have to have an impact on and to interact with the world. Throughout our life, our movements remain accurate despite physiological, pathological or environmental changes thanks to motor adaptation mechanisms. These mechanisms allow restoring movement accuracy when repeated movements’ error are encountered. In the present talk, I will focus on recent studies where I investigated the role of the cerebellum in motor adaptation by evaluating the adaptive performance in an upper limb movement task of patients with cerebellar degeneration at a clinical or pre-clinical stage. I also used transcranial direct current stimulation to test the involvement of the cerebellum in the adaptation mechanisms maintaining the accuracy of our saccadic eye movements. I will finish my talk by presenting some results on a study where I investigated the long-term properties of saccadic adaptation.