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Clément François (Université de Barcelone)

Tracking brain plasticity and language learning mechanisms throughout the human lifespan

The human capacity to learn is a central question in neuroscience. On the one hand, the study of how the human brain learns to build expectations, constituting one of the core mechanisms of language and music, informs basic principles of both auditory neuroscience and cognitive psychology. On the other hand, given that music and speech are among the most complex auditory motor human activities, the question of how expertise in a specific domain may influence processing in the other domain has gained a large interest for both fundamental clinical and educational purposes. In the first part of the talk, I will describe the results of cross-sectional and longitudinal studies showing the beneficial effect of musical practice on speech segmentation abilities in children and adults. In a second part of the talk, I will present new EEG data of a large longitudinal project in infants and showing the beneficial effect of songs for speech segmentation in 3-days old newborns. Finally, in a third part, I will present the results of a recent MRI study conducted in 3-year old children who had a perinatal stroke and revealing that the left arcuate fasciculus is crucial in learning novel word-referent associations, a building block of language acquisition.