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séminaires à venir (upcoming seminars)

Jérémie Gaveau (Université de Bourgogne, Dijon)

12/02/2018 à 13:30

Sensorimotor integration of gravity : what can we learn from arm movements ? It is well acknowledged that the motor system anticipates forthcoming dynamics. Although the CNS is thought to build an internal model of gravity, opposed theories exist on the question of how the motor system uses this model to plan a movement. One theory proposes that the motor system compensates gravity effects and uses scaling laws to simplify movement control. Another theory suggests that the motor system (...)

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Jean Michel Hupé (CerCo, Université Paul Sabatier & CNRS)

26/03/2018 à 13:30

Most published brain imaging studies contain errors ; the complexity of the data is not captured by any adequate model ; the logic of statistics used in data analysis, null hypothesis significance testing, is not appropriate anyway. For those reasons, a revision of brain imaging software was called for (Hupé 2015, Frontiers in Neuroscience). Since then, the authoritative American Statistical Association published (at last !) a statement banning p-values from valid scientific reasoning (...)

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