Proceedings of the GDR Vertige 2019 annual meeting devoted to endolymphatic hydrops


  • Chabbert Christian
  • Charpiot Anne

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The GDR Vertige is a federative research group gathering the different components of the French neuro-otology community. The annual meeting of the GDR Vertige is an opportunity for interactive exchanges between scientists, clinicians and industrialists, on basic issues related to vestibular function, as well as translational questions regarding the management of vestibular disorders. For its fifth edition, the annual meeting of the GDR Vertige, which took place in September 2019 in Marseille (France), was devoted to one of the most peculiar phenomena of neuro-otology: endolymphatic hydrops. For two days, international scientists and clinicians presented the most recent advances regarding the biophysical correlates of endolymphatic hydrops, the genetic and endocrine tableaux that favor its manifestation, new methods of clinical imaging, and current and upcoming therapeutic strategies to overcome the associated clinical manifestations. This special issue of the Journal of Vestibular Research aims at providing the proceedings of this meeting.

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