Temperature and field dependent magnetization in a sub-µm patterned Co/FeRh film studied by resonant x-ray scattering

  • Lounis Lounès
  • Spezzani Carlo
  • Delaunay Renaud
  • Fortuna Franck
  • Obstbaum Martin
  • Günther Stefan
  • Back Christian H.
  • Popescu Horia
  • Vidal Franck
  • Sacchi Maurizio


We studied the temperature and field dependence of the magnetization in a Co/FeRh/MgO(001) film patterned into a matrix of sub-µm sized rectangles, using element selective resonant scattering of polarized soft x-rays. We show that it is possible to reverse partially the magnetization of the Co layer in a thermal cycle that crosses the FeRh antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic transition. Our results support the interest of patterned Co/FeRh films and their potential for achieving temperature induced magnetization switching.