Path integration maintains spatial periodicity of grid cell firing in a 1D circular track


  • Jacob Pierre-Yves
  • Capitano Fabrizio
  • Poucet Bruno
  • Save Etienne
  • Sargolini Francesca

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Entorhinal grid cells are thought to provide a 2D spatial metric of the environment. In this study we demonstrate that in a familiar 1D circular track (i.e., a continuous space) grid cells display a novel 1D equidistant firing pattern based on integrated distance rather than travelled distance or time. In addition, field spacing is increased compared to a 2D open field, probably due to a reduced access to the visual cue in the track. This metrical modification is accompanied by a change in LFP theta oscillations, but no change in intrinsic grid cell rhythmicity, or firing activity of entorhinal speed and head-direction cells. These results suggest that in a 1D circular space grid cell spatial selectivity is shaped by path integration processes, while grid scale relies on external information.

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