A new device to restore sensory congruency in virtual reality and to prevent cybersickness


  • Nakul Estelle
  • Jeannin Renaud
  • Lopez Christophe


  • Cybersickness
  • Peripheral visual information
  • Vection
  • Seenetic VR Human-centered computing -Human Computer Interaction HCI -Virtual Reality -Perception

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Cybersickness likely originates from contradictory sensory signals about user's motion in virtual reality. Most proposed solutions reduce visual inputs to decrease vection intensity or the sensory conflict. In contrast with this approach the Seenetic VR, inserted into the head-mounted display, adds information in the peripheral visual field congruent with self-motion signals. We present this new technology to prevent cybersickness and the research protocols to quantify its effects and contribute to a better understanding of the sensory mechanisms of cybersickness.

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