French translation of the Cambridge Depersonalization scale


  • Lopez Christophe
  • Elziere Maya

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The Cambridge Depersonalization Scale (CDS) developed by Sierra and Berrios in 2000 allows to draw a comprehensive overview of the clinical symptoms pertaining to depersonalization-derealization disorders and to measure the frequency and duration of these symptoms. The CDS was validated in patients suffering from depersonalization-derealization disorders (Sierra & Berrios, 2000). The CDS shows high internal consistency and good reliability (Sierra & Berrios, 2000) and has been subjected to exploratory factor analysis in psychiatric populations (Sierra et al., 2005; Simeon et al., 2008), in trauma-exposed college students (Blevins et al., 2013), as well as in the general population for a short form of the CDS (Michal et al., 2011). The CDS has already been translated and culturally adapted to Spanish (Spain: Molina Castillo et al., 2006; Puerto Rico: Aponte-Soto et al., 2014), Italian (Migliorini et al., 2012), German (Michal et al., 2004), Greek (Kontoangelos et al., 2016), Japanese (Sugiura et al., 2009), and Brazilian Portuguese (Salgado et al., 2016). However, there is no French version of the CDS available, which may concern over 200 million locutors using French language daily. Here we present the translation and adaption of the CDS in French.

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