An Ultrasonically-Powered System for 1.06 mm 3 Implantable Optogenetics and Drug Delivery Dust


  • Laursen Kjeld
  • Zamani Milad
  • Rezaeiyan Yasser
  • Hosseini Seyedsina
  • Mondal Tanmay
  • Corbett Brian
  • Ouagazzal Abdel Mouttalib
  • Amalric Marianne
  • Moradi Farshad


  • Dust Optogenetic stimulation rectifier piezoelectric Ultrasonic power transfer

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This paper presents an ultrasonically powered micro-system for deep tissue optogenetic stimulation. The developed system is composed of a Base for Powering and Controlling (BPC) and an implantable Dust for optogenetics and drug delivery. The Dust consists of a piezoelectric crystal, a rectifier chip, and a micro-scale custom-designed light-emitting-diode (μLED) integrated, miniaturized, and envisioned to be used for freely moving animal studies. The proposed Dust operates in frequencies up to 5 MHz, power levels in the 0–10 mW range, achieves start-up within 1.8 μs at 2.9 MHz operating frequency at 14.4 mW/mm2 ultrasound power density, and 98.1% chip efficiency at 2 mW input power. With the BPC implemented and attached to (500 μm)3 PZT4 crystals, set to 60 V at 2.8 MHz operating frequency at 3 mm distance in demineralized water, the dust delivered up to 6 mW to its load (μLED for optogenetics), which translates to 0.11% total system efficiency.

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