Immuno-histo team

Training, advice

Team leader

Research topics

Services Catalogue (see attached documents) 

The service catalog displays the services provided and serves as the basis for a written agreement (service contract) between the Histology department and the users. Its purpose is to align the services offered with the precise and real needs of the users. The service catalog lists and documents the services while providing a commitment on the service levels expected by the users.

Basic services 
- Training of users in good laboratory practices and in the functioning of the laboratory
- Methodological training (sample preparation, use of equipment, cryostat sections, etc.)
- Purchasing advice (reagents, consumables, equipment)
- Technical advice (verification of protocols...)

- Assistance on an experiment (exceptional help according to availability)

Participation in research projects

Requires a preliminary meeting with the project manager and all the people involved.
- Development of protocols and techniques (bibliographic research, pilot manipulations)
- To finalize an unfinished study (experiment initiated by a student who is no longer there) 
- Development of new techniques.