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Mardi, 22 Mars, 2022

Prof. Ardem Patapoutian will come to Marseille on April 4th to give a special lecture from 4 pm. In France, for only two meetings, he did us the honour to accept the invitation of two of his former students: Aziz Moqrich, CNRS Research Director at IBDM and Bertrand Coste, CNRS Research Fellow at LNC, two NeuroMarseille laboratories.

This conference in English entitled “How do you feel? The molecules that sense touch“, is open to all upon registration: this eminent expert will be welcomed at 4 pm by Mr Eric Berton, President of AMU, Mr André Le Bivic, Director of the INSB and Mrs Biancarelli-Lopes, Deputy Mayor in charge of Research, Student Life and Higher Education. Indeed, the arrival of the 2021 Nobel Prize for “medicine or physiology” represents an excellent opportunity for the image of scientific research developed in the neuroscience laboratories of Marseille.

Before the conference, Prof. Patapoutian also accepted a meeting exclusively dedicated to Aix-Marseille University students: NeuroSchool’s PhD program proposes extending its monthly tutored seminar to L3, M1, M2 students. Young post-doctoral students (PhD students for less than 2 years) are also welcome!

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