DNA Nouvelle Publication Alexandre VEYRIE

Date de l'évènement: 
Mardi, 18 Avril, 2023

Une nouvelle publication Alexandre VEYRIE, doctorant en co-direction ONERA/Equipe Dynamique Neuronale & Audition dans Plos One 

"Investigating the influence of masker and target properties on the dynamics of perceptual awareness under informational masking"


Informational masking has been investigated using the detection of an auditory target embedded in a random multi-tone masker. The build-up of the target percept is influenced by the masker and target properties. Most studies dealing with discrimination performance neglect the dynamics of perceptual awareness. This study aims at investigating the dynam- ics of perceptual awareness using multi-level survival models in an informational masking paradigm by manipulating masker uncertainty, masker-target similarity and target repetition rate. Consistent with previous studies, it shows that high target repetition rates, low masker- target similarity and low masker uncertainty facilitate target detection. In the context of evi- dence accumulation models, these results can be interpreted by changes in the accumula- tion parameters. The probabilistic description of perceptual awareness provides a benchmark for the choice of target and masker parameters in order to examine the underly- ing cognitive and neural dynamics of perceptual awareness.

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