The DAMNED Simulator for Implementing a Dynamic Model of the Network Controlling Saccadic Eye Movements


  • Mouraud Anthony
  • Paugam-Moisy Hélène
  • Guillaume Alain


  • Spiking neuron network
  • Event-driven simulation
  • Distributed simulation
  • Saccadic eye movement control

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The DAMNED simulator is a Distributed And Multithreaded Neural Event-Driven framework designed for implementing Spiking Neuron Networks (SNNs). This paper shows the power of DAMNED for simulating the temporal dynamics of a biologically inspired model of the system controlling saccadic eye movements. A fundamental neural structure for the saccade generation is the Superior Colliculus (SC). The proposed model relies on two pathways leaving this structure: A first one supervises the motor error and the movement initiation and a second one provides a direct drive to premotor centers. This simple model, its SNN implementation and its dynamic behaviour reproduce the evolution of movement amplitude as a function of activity location in the SC. It also accounts for classical results obtained when the SC is subjected to electrical stimulations.

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