Organisation et envahissement perceptuels dans la schizophrénie : Analyse psychophysiologique et neurophysiologique


  • Micoulaud-Franchi Jean-Arthur


  • Cognitive neurosciences
  • Chizophrenia
  • Neurosciences cognitives

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The aim of this PhD was to develop tools for analyzing perceptual modifications induced by complex sounds in schizophrenia and to relate these changes to neurophysiological data. Previous works inspired by phenomenological philosophy describe two types of perceptual changes in schizophrenia: i) changes in the perceptual organization and ii) changes linked to perceptual inundation. Concerning perceptual organization, phenomenological reports have been validated by experimental data in the field of visual perception, but no such validations have been reported in the auditory domain. Concerning perceptual inundation, no experimental studies have explored the relevance of phenomenological reports. The first result of our work enabled to confirm that complex sounds modify the auditory perceptual organization. Indeed, we first showed a deficit of categorization of environmental sounds (impact sounds) in patients with schizophrenia compared with controls, and secondly a difference in the perception of familiarity and strangeness for environmental and abstract sounds, indicating a modification of data organization of hearing in a unique and consensual form. The second result of our work revealed, by a perceptual induction method, the presence of a larger perceptual sense of inundation in patients suffering from schizophrenia compared with controls when submitted to more or less invasive stimuli. This perceptual inundation was significantly correlated with a neurophysiological measurement of sensory gating with evoked responses in the paradigm of double audio clicks (decrease in amplitude of the P50 component after the second stimulus as compared to the first stimulus). We have also translated a self-administered questionnaire called “Sensory Gating Inventory” (SGI) to French and validated it in order to complete the psychophysiological assessment of perceptual changes related to abnormal sensory gating. Our results highlight several important points to future works: i) from an experimental point of view, it is important to develop tools for analyzing changes in the perception of complex sounds using an ecological perspective and using neurophysiological measures by induced responses, ii) from a neuroscientific point of view, it is meaningful to make hypotheses based on works inspired by phenomenological philosophy, and iii) from a therapeutic point of view, it is necessary to take perceptual changes into account in cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive remediation or neurofeedback to treat patients with schizophrenia.

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