Nouvelle Publi Jean-Marc AIMONETTI

Date de l'évènement: 
Mercredi, 13 Septembre, 2023

Nouvelle publication dans Scientific Reports de Jean-Marc Aimonetti et al. 

Applying cosmetic oil with added aromatic compounds improves tactile sensitivity and skin properties

Léonard Samain-Aupic, Laura Gilbert, Nathalie André, Rochelle Ackerley, Edith Ribot-Ciscar, Jean-Marc Aimonetti

Tactile sensitivity generally decreases with aging and is associated with impairments in skin properties. Products that hydrate the skin can combat touch deficits and aromatic compounds have been shown to improve skin mechanical properties. Thus, we tested a base cosmetic oil against a perfumed oil, applied to the skin of females aged 40-60 years, on tactile sensitivity and skin properties after repeated application. Tactile detection thresholds were assessed using calibrated monofilaments applied at the index finger, palm, forearm, and cheek. Spatial discrimination on the finger was assessed using pairs of plates with different inter-band spaces. These tests were performed before and after 1 month of base or perfumed oil use. We found that tactile detection thresholds and spatial discrimination improved only in perfumed oil group. A complementary immunohistological study using human skin was conducted to estimate the expression of olfactory receptor OR2A4 and elastic fiber length. Further, the expression of OR2A4 intensity and the length of elastic fibers increased significantly with oil application, where larger effects were seen with the perfumed oil. We conclude that the application of a perfumed oil may be of additional benefit and could repair, and even prevent, tactile decline with aging by ameliorating skin condition.