Publi Mariama DIONE - Scientific Reports

Date de l'évènement: 
Jeudi, 23 Novembre, 2023

Nouvelle Publi Mariama DIONE et al. Equipe Multisense & Body dans Scientific Reports 

Titre : Effects of skin moisturization on various aspects of touch showing differences with age and skin site

Résumé : The human body is encompassed by a thin layer of tissue, the skin, which is heterogenous and highly specialized to protect the body and encode interactions with the external world. There is a fundamental scientific drive to understand its function, coupled with the need to preserve skin as we age, which impacts on our physiological and psychological well-being. In the present study, we aimed to define differences in touch perception between age groups and with skin cream application. We investigated touch on the finger, the forearm and cheek in younger (20–28 years, n = 22) and older (65–75 years, n = 22) females. We measured skin hydration, touch detection, finger spatial discrimination, forearm tactile pleasantness together with electrodermal activity, and perceptual ratings about cream use, skin dryness, and cosmetic habits. Glabrous finger skin became drier and touch performance was impaired with age, but these aspects were preserved in hairy skin. Skin moisturization immediately increased hydration levels, but did not significantly change touch perception. We also found that touch appreciation increased with age. We conclude that reduced finger capacity may impact self-evaluation of the skin and that long-term skin care strategies should focus on hydrating the hand to preserve touch capacities.